Ion Manolescu, între „strigoi“ și Artist al Poporului. Imaginea artistului ca metaforă a societății sale

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Maria Manolescu-Borșa


Ion Manolescu, Between „Ghost“ and People`s Artist. The Image of the Artist as a Metaphor of His Society
Ion Manolescu, the cousin of my great-grandfather, was one of the most beloved Romanian actors between the two World Wars. Constantly living and working in precarity, he happily accepted what the Romanian comunist regime had to offer to him: a new, safe job at the National Theatre, and the best position an actor could have during those years: the title of People`s Artist, imported from URSS. In this article, I use the concept of „metaphor“ as developed in cognitive sciences by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, to see how the actor that played for the first time in Interwar Romania a praised Osvald Alving („Ghosts“, by Henrik Ibsen), came to play, at the beginning of Romanian communist regime, a sad Gloucester in a sad and compromising production of „King Lear“.

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Manolescu-Borșa, M. (2021) “Ion Manolescu, între „strigoi“ și Artist al Poporului. Imaginea artistului ca metaforă a societății sale”, Symbolon, 21(2 (39), pp. 75-82. Available at: (Accessed: 7October2022).


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