Eurhythmics - artă prin învățare holistică

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Gențiana Dobârceanu (Ganea)


Eurythmics – a Form of Art Using Holistic Learning

The idea of a holistic learning process via a collaboration of mind, body and emotions was established by the pedagogue Emile-Jaques Dalcroze in his teaching method named Eurythmics. Every activity of this type, harmoniously combining movements and music, becomes a true form of art. This educational method contains a variety of specific exercises (movement and music-related improvisation, attention, concentration, memorizing and coordination exercises) and the lessons are developed in groups where the participants interact verbally, personally and non-verbally with the other members. Taking into account the fact that the teenagers are in a period of emotional challenges characterized by a multitude of character and personality modifications, the use of the Eurythmics method of learning could be really helpfully for balanced development, also offering them the possibility to increase their communicative abilities, their creativity, empathy and self-esteem.

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