A musical műfajának esztétikai és pedagógiai vetületei


Strausz Imre-István


" Scientific literature does not indulge us with textbooks on musicals: the genre still bears the stigma of frivolous audience-baiting and pure commercial expediency even in these times of the cultural and theatrical canons, and the relativization of the ‘elite’ and ‘popular’. It is therefore welcome that Imre István Strausz does not focus on extremely popular and less well-known musicals in terms of the genre in a general informative way, nor on the historical orientation of serious approaches to the genre, but on dissecting their aesthetic creation, researching the components of their mode of action. The reader will recognize it is about a genre that enforces theatrical aspects to the core, which, due to its difference from distinctly dramatically grounded and text-centered modes of impact, meets a harsh reception by those who still understand theatre as drama. Its mastering, therefore, has an important place and role in the acting training, and this is the process that this book presents."

(Árpád Kékesi Kun)



October 31, 2022

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