Între artă și dictatură. Documente privind viața teatrală în perioada Ceaușescu. vol I. 1965-1971


Csaba Zoltán Novák
Marcela Livia Dan
Andrea György


Between Art and Dictatorship. Documents on Theatrical Life During the Ceausescu Period, vol I. 1965-1971

The book presents and processes documents, and historical sources from the Ceaușescu regime, the first phase (1965-1971) and takes as its point of reference the PCR policy towards the arts and theatre, considering the ideological context and the relations and interactions between political factors and theatre. We aim to present several types of documents that testify to the ideological pressure on the arts, and this review is carried out through the prism of the political and historical documents.

We present documents relating to the stages of ideological development, the effect on cultural life, the attitude of the party leadership towards the intelligentsia and the theatre, how the RCP handled the issue of culture, censorship, ideological influence (direct and indirect), political activity in theatre life (through the establishment of the RCP's grassroots organisations), ideological language, etc. - thus documents relating to the interference of the theatre with the political and ideological factor.



May 29, 2024

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