Szerep a színészben – a színész munkája a repertoár-színházban


Katalin Berekméri


Role in the Actor – The Work of the Actor in Repertory Theatre
The book examines the making of an actor and the unpredictable process of staying in the field from the viewpoint of the author’s personal career and pedagogical experience. The ideas are organized from the assertion that it is impossible to define exactly who will become an actor, who will stay in the field, and what sacrifices are required to do so, no matter how much the pedagogy of the field might wish for a rational approach.
The author tries to formulate an answer that is based on the experience determined by the existing and unlikely professional opportunities from the perspective of the acting student at the University of Arts in Târgu-Mureș and the work in Hungarian-language repertory theatre companies in Transylvania.
The focus is on the actor's work, first of all the mechanisms of character construction, the formation of the understanding of the role in performances, the conditions and possibilities of repertory theatre; it also aims to identify the influences the actor faces in this professional environment, trying to mark those revelations generating changes in the actor's mentality and value system which, although specific, can nevertheless be considered typical throughout the actor's existence defined by a professional tradition.


December 27, 2020

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