Adaptation and Continuation Born from Our Non-Recognition of Abandonment

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Constantin Tovarnițchii


The explanatory dictionary of the Romanian language defines art as „an activity of man that aims to produce aesthetic values and that uses means of expression with a specific character; all the works (from an era, from a country, etc.) that belong to this activity”. Looking back, we find that, regardless of the era we are focusing on, art, as a whole, has not known downtime, despite any unfavourable conditions of a social or economic nature. On the contrary, when major crisis situations took over society, art experienced a revival in almost all its forms of expression.

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Tovarnițchii, C. (2022) “Adaptation and Continuation Born from Our Non-Recognition of Abandonment”, Symbolon, 23(Special), pp. 121-126. doi: 10.46522/S.2022.S1.13.