A gyakorlati élettel összefüggő képességek fejlesztése dráma és improvizáció segítségével

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Csaba Sorbán


The Development of Practical Abilities in Everyday Life through Drama and Improvisation

I consider a challenge to describe the specifics of a certain profession in such a manner that even those who are outsiders would be able to understand it and even use it. White teaching acting classes, a series of exercises occurred that could be used to increase certain skills and abilities of everyday life. The active presence in social life, the capacity of handling stressful situations, the configuration of healthy teamwork are such areas in need of innovation, that are justified not only in the world of acting. If we study the tools used in acting in close relationship with everyday life abilities, we will find quite a large range of possibilities. In my opinion, the methods used in teaching acting, applied to raise new generations is not only possible but also mandatory.

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Sorbán, C. (2018) “A gyakorlati élettel összefüggő képességek fejlesztése dráma és improvizáció segítségével”, Symbolon, 19, pp. 60-72. Available at: http://uartpress.ro/journals/index.php/symbolon/article/view/71 (Accessed: 9August2020).


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