Limbajul comediilor lui Caragiale de la text la scenă : (Repertoar critic pentru caietul regizorului și toți interpreții repertoriului Caragiale)


Cristian Stamatoiu


The language of Caragiale's comedies from text to stage. (Critical repertoire for the Director's Notebook and all performers of the Caragiale repertoire)
The stylistic analysis of the comic language will highlight the role of stylistic deviations from the literary norm in characterising Caragiale's characters. The approach of a psycholinguistic nature will facilitate the translation of the comic sense from the text to the stage performance, revealing a problematic preconscious that the characters would like to abstract from internally and mask it from the others.
Through this "Repertoire", the literary secretaries and directors will be able to update their visions about Caragiale so that the actors can embody it credibly, and the translators transpose it into other languages, all these results being applauded (or not) by a maybe well-informed Receivers. That is why we aim to provide an accessible approach for creating a director's book and related stage interpretations.
Beyond the specialized aspects, the work will be addressed to anyone: pupil/student, or already: teacher, philologist, sociologist, philosopher, psychologist, anthropologist (of culture), historian, journalist (undercover or not), political analyst, engineer, doctor, architect, financier, diplomat, manager, broker, gamer, influencer, worker, farmer, etc., even reaching some politicians, but also other functional illiterates. All of them being: "Romanians, more or less honest" (Nae Cațavencu, in: A Stormy Night, III, 14, 8).



November 13, 2023

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