A fotográfia mint performatív folyamat

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Tibor Jakab


Photograpy as a Performative Process

In my study, I will examine photography as a performative process. According to Richard Shusterman, the operation of photographing a human subject “can be a locus of true aesthetic experience and value”. The process involves artistic performance and aesthetic experiences. Schusterman also points to the dramatic dimension of photography and stresses the importance of studying its somatic, dramatic, and performative operations. I consider it important to distinguish between photography and photograph. I dissect the components of the photographic process: the photographer, the subject or subject to be photographed, the camera and its associated technical accessories (i.e., the equipment), the location, and the spatial and temporal location of the subject. I also focus on the performative nature of theatrical photographs. In connection with the performative nature of theatrical photographs, I will examine the neglected area that relates to the performative operation of photographing theatrical photographs and may be a source of aesthetic experience.

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