Sound Art and Pandemic: A Documentary Soundscape

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Peirui Yang


The pandemic has temporarily changed our lives; there is no doubt that we are rapidly moving into a digital and virtual society; however, we so far do not know when this change will end, despite the emergence of post-pandemic terminology. Sound art is a form of art that has developed across disciplines since its emergence to contemporary times. And as a soundscape, what can be recorded during a pandemic, and as a composite of music and sound, can sound art be used as a digital archive during a pandemic? This paper hopes to explore the possibilities of sound art as an archive through artistic practice, reflecting on the changes and flows of soundscapes in the context of the pandemic.

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Yang, P. (2022) “Sound Art and Pandemic: A Documentary Soundscape”, Symbolon, 23(Special), pp. 37-45. doi: 10.46522/S.2022.S1.4.


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