A preferenciák és attitűdök változása a zongoraoktatásban a pandémia első évében

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Zoltán Zsigmond
Éva Zsigmondné Pap


The Changes of Preferences and Attitudes in Piano Teaching During the First Year of the Pandemic

Online education introduced in the spring of 2020 changed the methods of piano education fundamentally. At SZTE Vántus István Secondary School of Music and SZTE Béla Bartók Faculty of Arts there is both attendance and online education.. During the last year we have gained a lot of experience about which methods are useful, and which practices we needed to abandon for the interest of professional training: using digital tools and platforms; changes in the composition of curriculum, and the preferences of reporting; changes in course of lessons. Instead of demonstrative methods, verbal explanations and new forms of technical and musical processes gained a bigger role.
The oppotunities of using ICT tools and online communication in the higher piano education of the future.
Overally it can be stated that there are effective solutions in digital and hybrid education, although their efficiency is not adequate. It is positive that the students’ improvement did not halt, they were able to show progress. This study is about our new opportunities, methods, rules and the pedagogical aspects.

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Zsigmond, Z. and Pap, Éva Z. (2022) “A preferenciák és attitűdök változása a zongoraoktatásban a pandémia első évében”, Symbolon, 23(Special), pp. 139-146. doi: 10.46522/S.2022.S1.15.


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