Művészet-iránytű a személyiségfejlődésben

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Éva Hilda Székely


Art-Compass in Personality Development

In the fields of art, a person encounters many playful elements, `stories`, which have an effect on character development in childhood, adolescence, adulthood, on his/her art practice. ”Art is emotional communication. Theatre is the art of perception, the art of actuality, reality“-says Vekerdy Tamás. `Dance expresses emotions, eases stress, tension, narrates about unconscious tales. Childhood stories lead to reality` (Vekerdy, 2011, online). The art-related connection presented in this study is based on a survey among students from the University of Arts Târgu Mureş.

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Székely, Éva H. (2018) “Művészet-iránytű a személyiségfejlődésben”, Symbolon, 19, pp. 73-78. Available at: http://uartpress.ro/journals/index.php/symbolon/article/view/72 (Accessed: 9August2020).


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