Humanizmusról szakiskolai hangszeroktatásban

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Márta-Adrienne Elekes


About Humanism in the Music Education

"Where is the humanism in art education? I am not favouring permissiveness, but since the last few years both teachers and students alike have been facing the same obstacles; it is best to look at why the system we inherited over the decades isn’t working. Specifically: for a student who is studying to play an instrument in an art school, what are the knowledge requirements in certain years, to receive a 4, 5, 6, grade by the exam committee? Why decimals occur in the grading system if they cannot be used in official papers?
The teaching is also connected with the instrument playing exams. The lessons are taking place during individual classes, but during the half term and yearly auditions, based on each student’s level and the teaching results of the teachers a lot of questions are raised becoming subject of debates. For example, here it’s the case of the ’trained for competitions’ children. This also involves what should happen with the medium level students, since they are the majority in number? Should we cripple them with constant pushing on the performance scale, should we load them with failure experiences comparing them with the best students? The answer depends on what our goal is, what we are aiming at through musical education. We shouldn’t forget, that depending on our attitudes, music teaching can also have negative consequences.

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