Efectele muzicii asupra psihicului uman

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Andrada Tatiana Crișan


The Effects of Music on the Human Psyche
Music is a complex phenomenon that has accompanied humanity since its inception by adopting multiple forms. The compositional act itself can be defined, in a broad sense, as the processing of a certain musical content springing from the infinite cognitive processing of the individual. In the trials of history on humanity, music receives spiritual valences, becoming an auditory vehicle with strong healing meanings. The first references to the role that music played during an epidemic throughout history can be found during the Renaissance when Europe, especially Italy, was devastated by the plague. The composers inserted in the madrigals and motets of the time different rhetorical figures with reference to the landmark events of the period. What was the purpose of these insertions in the musical material? How can music help us through its own means and methods to cooperate with the negative effects that a global pandemic brings to the sphere of human consciousness?

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Crișan, A. T. (2022) “Efectele muzicii asupra psihicului uman”, Symbolon, 23(Special), pp. 65-70. doi: 10.46522/S.2022.S1.7.


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